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Narrative 4 is a global not-for-profit which uses the power of stories to foster radical empathy in young people around the world. Founded by authors and activists (including the organisation's president Colum McCann), Narrative 4 now runs a range of incredible 'story exchange' projects across the globe.

In 2016, Ruth organised the first ever Narrative 4 project in England, bringing together students from three diverse schools across the Birmingham area; you can read about it in the Irish Times here.

Then in 2018, Ruth brought together students from England and Ireland for a weekend of storytelling, empathy and cultural exchange. Amidst the endless talk of Brexit and borders, divisions and differences, the timing felt particularly apt, and the project formed the basis of a major Guardian feature which you can read here.

Finally, the project was turned into the documentary Some Stories which premiered in 2019; you can watch an extract below.

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